Easter Egg Art

The Splodgers all created a lovely Easter Egg piece of art using simple and quick techniques. Take a look at their, wonderful finished creations.

If you would like to make one over Easter all you need is a piece of card, like the good old pizza base again!

Cut out your egg shape and assemble some paints, sponges (you can use cut up dish sponges) and some old (cleaned) toothbrushes or something similar like an old (cleaned) dish brush.

Using the sponges dab the paints onto your card covering the whole area, right to the edges. This also gives a lovely texture to your art work.

When you are happy with that…its time to get really splodgey!

Using the brush, dip it into the paint and hold it over your board. With your finger run it along the bristles so the paint flicks off, moving all around your art as you go. This is where it gets even more fun and messy! Or, you can flick the paint off the whole brush itself and tap it against your other hand to do so. This gives it a lovely speckled look, perfect!

When it’s dry you can add decorations with ribbons like the Splodgers did. You could make a few of these, punching holes in the top and stringing them together to make some lovely Easter bunting.

Happy Easter and Happy Splodging.

Send us your creations at splodgers@lochinverhouse.com

Spring Flowers

Bees need flowers…

Print the center of your flowers using the bubble wrap printing method as described in the Bee Happy Splodgers blog before this.


Using the end of a cardboard tube, gently squash it together to make an oval shape. Use this to print the petals on your flowers. Use as many different colours as you can.


When this is all dry you can paint a background and fill in the flowers. We have used acrylic paint for the printing and soft pastel shades of watercolours to finish.


This can be used as wrapping paper or as a piece of wall art.

We would love to see your splodgey creations. Please do email them to us and we can blog them here.


Enjoy seeing all the beautiful spring flowers coming up in your garden too!


Bee Happy Splodgers

Printing with bubble wrap can be fun…

Securely fix a piece of bubble wrap to the end of a round tin, tub or tube. Using a paint of your choice make lots of prints all over your paper.     

We thought this print looked a bit like honeycomb so we drew some lines on to show the sections.

Luckily we have a printing block of a bee but if you don’t you can either draw them on using a felt tip or cut some out and stick them onto your picture. 

Enjoy putting on as many bees as you wish. This makes some lovely wrapping paper or a piece of art work for your wall. You could use the same method to make a card for someone special too.

Whatever you do…Bee happy splodging!



Hi Splodgers! Have you ever heard of Zentangles? They are so cool!

All you need is a basic shape to start with , the simpler the better.

Then gradually build up the shape, fill in different parts with patterns-

And it builds up into what looks like a really complex design, but is actually really simple and fun to do!

You can go on and on adding to your design until it covers the page.

Its a great way of relaxing and switching off in between school work.

Try different shapes, using different colours, share the idea with your family, and send pictures to us, it’s such fun!

Happy Splodging!

Rainbow Smiles

Hi Splodgers,

We saw an article on the television last night showing lots of school children making a rainbow picture and putting it in their windows to make people happy. We thought you might like to join in too. As you can see from the pictures below it is really easy to draw and colour your rainbow pictures. We have painted ours but you can use anything you like to colour yours. You can also print off a ready to colour rainbow picture from the internet but it‘s much more fun drawing your own.

Don‘t forget the rainbow colours…red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet!

Enjoy your picture making and sends us a photo as we would love to blog it here.


Tea monsters at Splodgers!

These lovely tea monsters are really simple to make. After Mum or Dad has made a lovely cup of tea ask them if you can have their t-bag. When cooled a bit , drop the t-bag from an arms length height onto a scrap piece of paper. It makes a lovely splodge! When this has dried you can add some drawings to give the little monsters their features. We used some hole punched paper dots to make their eyes, which were then stuck on with glue.

If you have some coloured paints at home you could drop watery paint instead, making lots of different coloured monsters. Also if you have some googly eyes to stick on they would give your monsters a fab 3D feature. Be as creative as you like giving your monsters crazy features and as many eyes as you wish!

Have lots of fun and do send us your pictures at splodgers@lochinverhouse.com


…drawing your art…

as we said yesterday, if you haven’t any resources to make the 3D Pin Art that the Splodgers did, you can draw it. Here we have used the base of a pizza (guess what we had for tea last night?). After drawing out the center shape (keeping it simple) we put lots of coloured dots around it as suggested yesterday. The more dots you do the more lines you will need to draw. Then using a coloured pen and a ruler, joined them all up to as many other dots as possible remembering not to draw over your shape in the middle. This does take time but be patient, it will look amazing.

We finished by adding a smiley face in the middle to brighten your day.

Maybe there is someone who’s day you can brighten with a bit of art work too. Have fun. 

Splodgers creative art work this half term…

The Splodgers carefully completed their thread art on cork tiles, which was quite tricky and a little prickly with all the colourful push pins, but we think you will agree, they all did a super job. Maybe if you have some pins and thread at home you could try it too using an old piece of a cardboard box for the base or a cardboard pizza base would work well. Do be careful with the ends of the push pins though. If you haven’t any of these resources, you could try drawing it out using colourful pens. Draw out your central design first, add large dots for the pins round the design then round the outside of your piece of card, then using a ruler, join the dots to each other but leave your design shape in the center clear! We would love to see what you create, do send us some pictures at splodgers@lochinverhouse.com. Good luck.


Adding the pins!

The next stage in the project was to add the pins in the shape of each design.

We were very impressed with the care and attention the boys worked with today, on quite a tricky project.

Adding the thread was also a challenge but the Splodgers were able to meet it!


Super focus and great work Splodgers!